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For Photographers

My reason for wanting to mentor? You. You, my friend, are my why. I know what its like to be unsure of yourself (hey, still happens to me alllll the time), someone who needs a hug, a confidence boost and some words of encouragement.If you are feeling stuck, need constructive criticism and guidance on where to take it from here, I can and WILL be that person for you. Education is a passion of mine, as well as photography (obvi) so I am just ecstatic to put them together and pour myself in to others.

I am an open book and have created my mentorship program to support you and give you whatever you need help in. I want to create a safe space for you to be you, find your voice, and spark a creative joy in your life.

I am honored and humbled to be given an opportunity to dive into your journey as an artist. Let’s do this! I want to make sure you are being served in the way you need it. Do you need help with editing? I gotchu! Do you need help with posing/prompting? Session flow? I am there for you boo. Whether it’s in person or on Zoom I will put it out all on the line.


Side by side mentoring- $650

This is the moment for you to shoot a session with me by your side. We will go through prompts and poses, cover how I look at light, and the details I look for in a session. If you’re a hands on learner (I know I am!) this is for you. Once we have chased the light we will sit down and edit together.I am an open book so you will learn all of my tricks! We can and will cover EVERYTHING you want to know from me.

We will cover:

  • Lighting
  • Camera Settings and lenses
  • Branding
  • Editing
  • Website and portfolio review
  • Session workflow
  • Social Media
  • Client closets and styling
  • And whatever else you have on your heart.


Online/coffe date-
$250 for one hour and$350 for two hours

We can meet online or if you’re a local at a coffee spot and discuss whatever is on your heart. Maybe you need help with finding your voice, branding, or  we can share screens  for editing. I am down for whatever you need. This also includes a portfolio and website critique. You have me for up to 2 hours and we can break those up into two sessions.


We can cover:

  •  Shooting
  • Branding
  • Editing
  • Session workflows
  • Social Media
  • Styling
  • Its really limitless, whatever you need we can go over!