Tips For Moms On Taking Better Pictures Of Their Kids

Hello to all my fellow mommas out there! Today, I wanted to share a few tips on how to take better photos of your kiddos at home and on your own! During these times, it isn’t always doable to hire a photographer to photograph your sweet family and so I thought this would be a good resource to share!

Grab your notebooks, and let’s make you a pro!


1. Overhead Images


This is a great angle to capture your kiddos from. All you have to do is position them with light coming from the side or top of their heads. Be sure to take the photos looking straight down.


2. Facing Towards The Window Light


Position them in front of the window light and stand between them and the window, photographing them with your back to the window. This creates such beautiful lighting! Don’t be afraid to move around or play with perspective!


3. Get Outside


Don’t shy away from shooting in harsh daylight and you’re not going to want to miss out on that stunning golden hour. When photographing outside, allow the kids to really take the lead in what they are doing (running around, riding bikes, etc.). Some of my favorite photos of my kids are unprompted.


4. Play With Shadows


I have tons of pockets of light in my house that I love to use because it creates interesting images to the eye and can be lots of fun being creative with it! All you have to do: place your kid’s in the pocket and start shooting. It’s as easy as that! Play around with how much shadow and how much light is on them.


5. Details


Focus on just one body part at a time and make the whole photo just about that body part. Take photos of your child’s hands and fingers, eyes, freckles, feet, and toes, etc. Focus on the activity your child is doing instead of them being the focus. This gives the image a different perspective!


Well, friends, that is about all that I have for now! Overall, my biggest piece of advice would be to practice and have fun with it! Go for more candid in-the-moment photos rather than the stiff pose type of photos. Remember, everyone starts somewhere!

Whether you have a camera that you are using or an iPhone, make sure you capture these moments. Our babies are growing way too fast!

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