Tips For A Successful Family Session


When it comes to gathering up your little ones for photos, there is no doubt it can be stressful with worst-case scenarios running rampant through your mind. As a momma myself I completely understand this and so I would like to offer my biggest tips to anyone seeking to melt some of those worries! So grab your notes and get ready for some tips to help your family session be a breeze!


1. Typically in the summer, the sunsets later and since I personally love to shoot during golden hour, I always recommend to anyone coming during summertime to put their kiddos down for a later nap so they can stay up a little later than usual.

Having grumpy and sleepy kiddos while trying to get happy smiley photos of them is not a good mix, trust me.


2. It’s always a good idea to bring snacks and water in case anyone gets thirsty or hungry! If you plan on bribing your little ones with snacks, I always recommend bringing marshmallows since they won’t stain their mouths or clothes.


3. Make sure to plan ahead by laying out all of your outfits and having everyone try them on a few days prior to the session. This way, if anything doesn’t fit right, you have time for changes.


4. Always reach out to your photographer if you are struggling to find something to wear. Every photographer is different but most will help out and some may even offer styling services. Another reason why this is good to do is depending on your photographer’s editing style, some colors will look better than others so it’s always good to ask!

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5. Lastly, remember to breathe. When it’s right before a session and I know the family is probably on their way, I like to text my mommas and remind them to breathe. I know it’s stressful, I myself get anxious and strung out prior to and during a session for my family too. Just remember though that this should be a fun experience and if your feeling uneasy, your kids will feel it too.


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